2014 Double Bastard Ale in 3-litre Bottles

As with every year in the Double Bastard Ale series, a select amount has been put into 3-litre bottles. A “Modern Marvel of Arrogance,” if you will. If you need help finding a bottle, we suggest you contact your local Stone Rep or distributor.

3 Litre Growlers

These majestic 3-litre rarities are sold containing the respective beers that appear on their labels. Once the contents have been consumed, these vessels are magically transformed into growlers, which, as per California state law, may ONLY be filled with the beer on the label (e.g., you cannot fill a 3-litre Double Bastard Ale bottle with Arrogant Bastard Ale, numbskull). These growlers may only be filled during regular Stone Company Store hours, and they must be clean. You and everyone in your party must be 21 or older (another state law).

Check the schedule for upcoming growler fills.